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Hey, I'm Kelly. A 17 year old Dancing Queen who would prefer to be anywhere than in New Jersey. I live for creativity and imagination, and I'm slightly obsessed with fictional characters. Have a lovely day and spread your fabulocity throughout the world, it needs some. (or you could always stay here and look at some of mine, i have plenty to go around.)
"No mortal thing has a beginning, nor does it end in death and obliteration; there is only a mixing and then separating of what was mixed, but by mortal men these processes are named “beginnings."


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what if disney channel had a throwback week and all the old shows and movies were on it


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examples that prove being a fangirl works

  • Ginny Weasley
  • Kate Middleton
  • Peeta Mellark 
  • Evanna Lynch
  • Amy Pond

you forgot David Tennant

David Tennant is probably the best example of how being a crazed fan can make your dreams come true. He grew up watching Doctor Who, was cast as the tenth Doctor after be broke into the set wearing his homemade Nine costume, married the daughter of a Doctor, and is forever known as the Tenth Doctor.


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there are too many books to read and not enough time for me to do so. I wish I could just stop everything for a few months and just read


"Your highness" is gender neutral.

So you know, if you’re ever confused about my pronouns.

That’ll work.

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is that benedict cumberbatch

how dare you insult sportacus

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i did that adult thing you can do where you buy an entire cake and just eat it

i am eating an entire cake

update: there is more cake than i imagined. 

i see now why my parents didn’t let me do this

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My friends trying to motivate me into productivity
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